Jaspar Joseph-Lester

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Shaft, 2004, video, 4mins 30secs

Shaft takes the viewer through a number of department stores in London and New York. In the video the lift doors are treated as an editing device. This effect allows for a seamless journey between sites so that the carefully designed interiors of each store are built into a single architecture. The individual interiors appear as follows:

Tiffany’s 2nd Floor,
Bloomingdales 3rd Floor,
Liberty’s 3rd Floor,
Dickens and Jones Lower Ground,
Debenhams 5th Floor,
John Lewis 3rd Floor
Bloomingdales Ground Floor,
Bloomingdales 2nd Floor,
Liberty’s Ground Floor,
Liberty’s 4th Floor,
Asprey’s Ground Floor,
Aprey’s 1st Floor,
Bloomingdales Lower Ground.

Exhibited at Pilot 1, London; Domo Baal, London; Florence Lynch Gallery, New York; KX Gallery, Hamburg; IGRS, London; Studio 1.1, London; Café Gallery, London; Edgezones, World Arts Building, Miami; Southern Exposure, San Francisco; Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand; Lump Gallery, Raleigh, USA; Soap Factory, Minneapolis; Mighty Screenland Theatre, Kansas City, USA; International Film Festival, Rotterdam; Galerie Verticale, Montreal; Nexus, Philadelphia.