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LoBe is a new research-led contemporary art space which provides artists with an opportunity to develop their practice within an environment that promotes dialogue, collaboration, exhibition making and interdisciplinary research. The aim of the project is to develop meaningful research networks within an international context by giving artists from the UK the opportunity to collaborate with Berlin based artists, writers and theorists.

Partners: Olivia Reynolds, Astrid Wunsch, Valentin Hertwerk, Kathryn Sonnabend, Dounia Caquet




Curating Video

Curating Video is a long term research project established in 2003 and led as a collaboration between Dr Amanda Beech, (Course Director, MA Critical Writing and Curatorial Practice, Chelsea College of Art, UAL) Dr Jaspar Joseph-Lester (Programme Leader, MA Contemporary Art Curating) and Matthew Poole (Director, Centre for Curatorial Studies, Essex University). It has included two exhibitions that have been shown internationally in 5 locations, where each exhibition has discussed the political affect of the experiences of lens-based media artworks and how notions of the curatorial extend and respond to this. To date, they have involved four symposia and an upcoming book due for publication in August this year from Artwords press.

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Transmission is an ongoing collaborative project led by Professor Michael Corris, Dr Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Dr Sharon Kivland.

Transmission is the passing of information via a channel, and this has been the intention of the Transmission project to date. It has encompassed a lecture programme, an annual symposium, a print portfolio, an on-going series of books (The Rules of Engagement), and this year, a series of chapbooks, published by Artwords, London. The lecture series – and the five publications that accompanied it from 2000-6 – changed its format in October 2007, largely in order to involve more staff from Fine Art, and to emphasise its integration into both pedagogy and practice/research.

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