Jaspar Joseph-Lester



Published Books


Revisiting the Bonaventure Hotel

author, ed. Yve Lomax
Copy Press, 2009

Revisiting the Bonaventure Hotel is a photo-essay that describes the life of a building through a range of film stills, photographic images and written citations. Here we wander between references to Fredric Jameson, John Portman and Arnold Schwarzenegger and view the world through different perspectives: vertical, horizontal and rotating. This is a story about the image.

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co-editor and contributing writer
Artwords Press, 2008.

This first collection of essays edited by the research group Curating Video brings together an international field of researchers from the realms of cultural studies, visual art, psychoanalysis, and political philosophy to explore new contexts and issues that are crucial to understanding the experience and meaning of images. Without idealising or demonising media culture, these essays interrogate the critical status of lens-based media, taking up the pressing dilemmas of a politics of the image and its contemporary condition. 

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Disorientation and Spectacle in Retail Architecture

co-authored with Nayan Kulkarni
Artwords Press, 2004

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Published Articles


Dream Stuff
an interview with Amanda Beech
in 'Sanity Assassin'
Falmouth, Urbanomic. 2010



photo essay
Vicissitudes: histories and destinies of psychoanalysis, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, London: Routledge. 2010



Transmission Chapbooks
London: Artwords Press.

Transmission: Host is a series of chapbooks derived from an annual lecture series organised by Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University. Each week a different artist invites a guest speaker. The host selects, presents, and looks after his or her guest. A critical engagement between host and guest is assumed; what exactly that relationship is will be made evident through discussion. There is an ethics of hospitality, of making the stranger welcome. A host has a standard of conduct, and historically, hospitality has been seen as a code, a duty, a virtue, and a law. There is a bond between host and guest, and in the lecture series and the subsequent chapbooks, this bond is formed by the engagement in and the practice of art.

Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester/Amanda Beech (2010)
Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester & Sharon Kivland/Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle (2010)
Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester/Wouter Davidts (2009)
Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester/Roman Vasseur (2008)
Host: Jaspar Joseph-Lester & Sharon Kivland/Michael Corris (2008)




Image Synchronicity and the Bonaventure Hotel
in Episode: Pleasure and Persuasion in Lens-based Media
London: Artwords Press. 2008



The Artists Talk
co-authored with Sharon Kivland
Axis: Contemporary Art Journal, 2006

Read online at Axis: Dialogue



Daily Encounters

co-editor and contributing writer
‘Transmission: Speaking and Listening’, vol. 5,
Sheffield: Site Gallery and Sheffield Hallam University, 2006

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Becky Shaw

commissioned text
The Yorkshire Art Society, 2006


Art and Text: Inscription

Guest editor and contributing writer
art-omma: Online Contemporary Art Journal, issue 11, 2005

De-transubstantiation (pdf)


Sharon Kivland

commissioned review
‘The Internationaler’, Pilot Issue, 2005



Phantoms of Reason

catalogue text
‘Without Touch’
London: Darwin Press, 2000




Editorial Work


Transmission Annual: Hospitality
London: Artwords Press. 2010

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The Contingency of Curation
symposium publication,
London: Tate Britain. 2010

Download The Contingency of Curation (PDF)

This 190 page book acts as a document and a strand of subsequent research, notes discussion, interviews and an archive of debates and projects that stem from the conference “The Contingency of Curation” held in May 2010 at Tate Britain. The project involved students in MA Curating from The University of Essex and Sheffield Hallam University and features curators, artists and writers from across the UK including Emma Dexter, Emily Pethwick, Munira Mirza, Roman Vasseur, Marie-Anne McQuay, Richard Birkett, Sound Threshold, and many others.

Contingency of Curation website



Project Biennale
Sheffield: Another Space. 2009

Project Biennale grew out of conversations, concerns, interests and inquiries developed through discussions, seminars and meetings established across three groups of postgraduate curating students from Chelsea College of Art, the University of Essex, and Sheffield Hallam University. The project began with no conception: there were no plans, no strategies and no aims for any specific outcome. The topic and title developed over five months of meetings and debate. However, through this process we understood that the demanding problem of the purpose and place of curatorial authorship was made exemplary when viewed through the lens of ‘biennale culture’.

Project Biennale Blog



Working from the Collection
guest edited with Sharon Kivland
‘Angelaki: Humanities Journal’,
Routledge, 2007

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Transmission: Speaking and Listening vols 4-5
co-edited with Sharon Kivland and Emma Cocker
Sheffield: Site Gallery and Sheffield Hallam University, 2004-06

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