Jaspar Joseph-Lester


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Episode: The Pleasure and Persuasion of Lens Based Media

Tate Britain
Friday 28 November, 2008
The Pleasure and Persuasion of Lens Based Media

Concentrating on the forces of both pleasure and persuasion in lens based media, this conference explores media-culture and its political affect through the determination and locus of ‘spectacle’; the exchange of experiential affects; and the persistent relations of technology and domination in the democratic field? We extend these questions to art practice, something that is increasingly relevant when artworks can be seen to share the same experiential field, both using and producing a media-culture. Here we focus on the experiential affect of contemporary artworks and media culture and their consequent mutation into and reception as fact.

This one day conference draws from an international field of researchers that reaches across the territories of art history, political philosophy, psychoanalysis, cultural and media studies and curation, to ask how the formation of spaces, images and our experiences of them go to produce and generate belief in lens based media.

Organised by the Curating Video Research Group