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Provenance - Transmission: Speaking and Listening

The first semester’s lectures in the series, Transmission: Speaking and Listening takes up the theme of ‘provenance’. Provenance generally means the place of origin, yet it takes on rather more complex meanings in relation to art and art objects, and the market or value systems that contain them. It may refer to the relationship between an art object and its exhibition venue, its juxtaposition with other objects, other artists, with collections, critics and catalogue essays, as well as to other matters of lineage or traceability. For the connoisseur, the search for an art object’s provenance serves as a guarantee of the object’s authenticity. It may also be considered in terms of a cross-referential indexical system, mapping relations between people, objects and their place in the world (in short, the question of from where ideas – and by extension, people – come, and how consequently they are defined).

Speakers: Pavel Büchler, Sally O’Reilly, Jane Rendell

Introduction: Sharon Kivland
‘Writing Spaces’: Jane Rendell
Chair: Sharon Kivland
3.20 ‘Implicasphere’: Sally O’Reilly
Chair: Jaspar Joseph-Lester
4.00 ‘Conversation Pieces’: Pavel Büchler
Chair: Emma Cocker