Jaspar Joseph-Lester

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PANOPTICONS – Ribble Valley – 2005 (unrealised)

NK projects: Jaspar Joseph-Lester & Nayan Kulkarni neoSCOPE

"We propose to build a viewing wall. Our aim is to approach it as a versatile and multifaceted object, not simply a barrier or divide but a means for framing the existing landscape. Additionally, the wall will act as a wind shelter and bench, providing a range of possibilities and functions for visitors. By utilising local stone, we expect the form to be a curious but intrinsic element of the site.

'We were struck by the stunning view and the drama of the quarry edge. As we moved around and discussed the site, it became apparent that the changes in levels, the precipice and contours were all playing together in our experience. The site can be enjoyed from more than one position and in more than one way. The sense of exposure to the elements and our desire for some wind shelter also provoked us to consider a work that offered both.'

At its centre, in the hollow between the two mini-peaks that the site enjoys, the viewing wall will determine the way that the landscape is seen. A circular hole through the stone performs as a viewing device. In this aperture we will suspend a lens. The image that it captures [re]presents the landscape upside down. In framing, inverting and doubling the view from this point we follow the logic of the all-seeing panopticon. Just like the illusionistic ceiling painting of the Jesuit priest Andrea Pozzo, the sky is relocated into an image and spectacle.

The relationship of the wall to the lens has prompted us to call this artwork neoSCOPE. The elements of the work shift from subtle to dramatic orderings and framings of the vista. It is this journey along the snaking form of the wall, above and below its shifting level, that allows us to play with ordering, framing, concealing and revealing the landscape."


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